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Self-Care Essentials for Educators Book

Have you been wondering how to keep the momentum going during the day? Have a slump in the afternoon that you just can’t pick up from? This book is filled with energy enhancing tools that you can do first thing in the morning, and throughout the day. Having trouble sleeping

BioEnergetic Essentials (Hardcopy)

This beneficial resource is a support system for BioEnergetic Wellness. It can be used by parents, children, teens, educators, grandparents, BioEnergetic Wellness Facilitators, counsellors, colleagues, administration, teams, sports enthusiasts, etc. This book is produced to be shared and passed forward.

When Everything is RIGHT for the Little Fairy Hardcopy

Enjoy the Little Fairy's adventures in movement exploring the ways that the legs, arms and wings can move. Each action is related to one of the 14 muscles for the Muscle Dance and creates an energizing and coordinating activity to support healthy living.

Book and Videos: Qi YINtegration Set 1

Qi YINtegration is an inspirational new health program, created by Complementary and Alternative Medicine Specialist Michelle Greenwell, to introduce individuals to the power of their own energy, how to cultivate more energy, and how to move the body easily, with fluidity and with strength. This item is a bundle of

Peter On the Drums

Peter loves to drum. He loves making rhythms and finding music everywhere he goes. Share this action packed story with your little one, and bring a story to life with imagination and creativity that gets the reader moving too!