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EBook and Videos: Qi YINtegration Set 1

Qi YINtegration is an inspirational new health program, created by Complementary and Alternative Medicine Specialist Michelle Greenwell, to introduce individuals to the power of their own energy, how to cultivate more energy, and how to move the body easily, with fluidity and with strength. This item is a bundle of

Video: Injury Recall Technique

aka Innate Matrix Memory,  a very simple and profound energy release for blocked emotions in the tissue.  This is the first tool in the toolbox!

Video: Breathing

Sometimes all we need is a deep breath and a little intention. Check in with your breath through this video.

Video: Intro to Qi YIN

Learn a little more about how you can turn simple movements into healing power.

Video: Standing

Change how you support your hips, back, knees, feet and more with a little adjustment.