DeStress with the Palm of your hand!

Many people wonder, what is Touch for Health? Biofeedback? Muscle Monitoring? It can be challenging to explain that energetic balance and flow can change everything. How can one facilitator support so many challenges and systems in the body at once? We are used to isolating our pains and complaints and trying to fix a symptom, often one symptom at a time. However, when we listen to the priority requests from the body through biofeedback, we can support bringing flow to the area that is challenged, rather than the pain point or the emotional discord.

In this podcast episode, recorded by my mentor, Greg Webb, earlier this year, Greg explains beautifully the tools that come from Touch for Health, and the simple ways we can listen to the body and create calm and flow. What I love about Greg’s explanations is that he could always share a simple story or metaphor to help understand the tools.

Podcast with Wolfgang Sonnenburg – ” Greg Webb -DID YOU KNOW? You can destress yourself by placing your hand on your forehead-WR- #eps25″

We lost Greg just a few weeks ago, and it has been eye-opening to the incredible wealth of knowledge and inspiration he shared.

To see more of Greg’s work, check out his YouTube playlist on the Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness where he was Vice President and a member of the board for over 28 years. Members of have the opportunity to view other videos in our members portal.

Hanging out with Greg Webb and Cynthia Aldred!

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