Day 95: The Process of Learning.

Day 95: The Process of Learning. We accumulate knowledge through our life so that we can grow and expand, and then as we get older we no longer need that knowledge and can let it go. It is a process of learning and letting go. We also have our perspective. When learning something new you need to have a blank slate to hear all that is being said, then you take it back to what you know and find the place where it resonates. This is a process of Flow, Balance, Clarity. If you come to the process of learning with a bias or a judgement you will be veiled in your learning and may miss the most important aspect of the lesson. Create flow to learn, find balance in the information and what you have for knowledge to join with it, and then find the clarity of the information as it reveals its new secrets to you as an integrated possibility. Tai Chi is this process.

The Earthing Movie is the link just above. If you decide to watch it, enjoy and I hope you take your Tai Chi outdoors! See you on the grass, sand, deck of wood…

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