Day 83: Making a Date with Tai Chi

Day 83: Making a date with Tai Chi. Very often we make a date for a coffee or a tea, we sit, we chat, we drink, we sit. Some people will make a date for a run, or a hike and enjoy the outing together. Today my suggestion is to make a date with Tai Chi. To make a concerted effort to engage in movement with others to assist everyone with an immune boost while in community. We know that by sharing in Tai Chi with others can engage the innate healing potential, so why not make a date! For those finally able to get back to class, or able to meet in a park, this is a chance to do something for you and others by doing it together. If class is back where you live, make sure to get back there too! Tai Chi is so much more by being together.

Lovely to support each other together!

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