Day 5: Raccoon Chases Butterfly and Don Yu’s with Meridians

OK, as people are discussing how to gain strength at home without their gym equipment and special programs, I was thinking about how the Don Yu provides us with strength and flexibility at the same time. It also provides us with open flow of energy, a balance in the systems of the body, and a reboot for energy and vitality. Pretty sweet really! Add the Racoon jumping at the butterfly for taking a leap of faith to try something new or strive for something different, and we have a new recipe for success. Thanks for joining me. Please work at your own pace and ability, and or course, pass this forward to those who could benefit!

If you want to explore the healing power of water check out the research done by Dr. Masaru Emoto, as well as Dr. Robert Miller and Dr. Grad
Want some deep reading? “Vibrational Medicine” by Dr. Richard Gerber

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