Day 36: Tai Chi for Calm

Day 36: Tai Chi to calm. With the events of the last 36 hours I thought it might be good to take a look at the ways in which we can calm through Tai Chi and bring a focus back into our lives that is clear and open. When the body has open energy flow it is able to respond to stressors around and through in a way that will bring harmony and balance back. But if there is a block, it is not possible for all the aspects of balance to be activated. Today we look at the meditation aspects of “medicine in motion”, the use of goal setting or intention before, during and after a session, and how to use the qualities of Tai Chi to bring peace. As always we share this with those who are in need of assistance and can benefit from the energy we build and can share. As we do Tai Chi for others we are able to offer assistance in ways not necessarily realized.

Ahhh, these are the days of calmness!

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