Day 18: Tai Chi Reflections

Day 18: Tai Chi Reflections: Words chosen for today include Support, Potential, Portal. We will begin with the Tai Chi set as we have been working on it, and then transfer the ideas and concepts we have been working with into Lok Hup. Remember to expand, pause, contract, and settle with each move. Today is exploration with new moves. Release the anxiety of something new and see what you learn by being out of pattern. You can always review the videos to gain more experience and learn more. Work at your own pace and limitations, stay seated if you need to be, and build a community with other Tai Chi’ers to talk about movements and techniques and motivate each other to do more.

This matched the theme of the day…From the portal what do you see? How do you open the door and go through. Great exploration of a topic today!

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