Dare to Change your Course

Re-inventing ourselves can create new opportunities we could not have dreamt of.

It is so easy to become a slave to our patterns and habits of living. Once we find that groove that makes life easy, we fall into it and excel at keeping that space supported. This can be things like starting the day with a caffeinated beverage to wake us up. Having a snack from the favourite vendor near work. Buying a gym membership or signing up for an exercise class, and getting started with it, but not really loving it, and eventually not finishing the membership, then buying a new membership thinking things will change. Perhaps, walking every morning the same route with the same pace and challenges. It may seem that I am dishing your favourite wellness habit at the moment, but bear with me. We all have good intentions.

My guest today, Michelle Abraham, knows all about patterns and behaviour as she has built a very successful award-winning business in the podcast industry called Amplifyou, North America’s top podcast management company. She started as a podcaster herself, then branched out to help launch over 100 podcasts to help more people get their message out. So what does this have to do with habits for wellness? Michelle’s podcast business, winning Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022, supports podcasters in the wellness industry. She knows all about patterns and behaviours as she has heard their messages, and she has also understood their own patterns of intention for success with their podcast, but has realized the right program to make them successful on a grander scale.

Our story does not stop there however, as Michelle has also realized there is more to the story for healers and has ventured beyond her initial podcast focus, into High Vibe Visionary’s. She has changed her own patterns and habits to realize more of what she is truly made of. Transformation requires grit and intuition, passion, and letting go. Get ready to learn some incredible ideas from a true inspiration.



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Ready to learn more about Michelle Abraham? Check out her full bio here:

Michelle Abraham is a renowned International Speaker, Podcast Pioneer, Entrepreneur, and High Vibe Visionary. With a deep passion for podcasting, entrepreneurship, and living life on her terms, she’s the go-to expert in her field.

For over a decade, Michelle has been on a mission to demonstrate that podcasts are the ultimate platform for change, one episode at a time. You’ll often find her on global stages, microphone in hand, captivating audiences with her insights into podcasting, entrepreneurship, and the transformative power of high-vibe living. Michelle’s list of accolades is impressive. She’s held the prestigious #16 spot on Podcast Magazine’s highly regarded Top 50 Moms in Podcasting for two consecutive years. She’s been honored with the title of Entrepreneur of the Year, and her outstanding contributions to the industry earned her a nomination for the People’s Choice Award by Business from the Heart. Much of this recognition is attributed to her brainchild, Amplifyou, which has been described by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington as North America’s finest podcast management company.

Amplifyou is dedicated to empowering visionaries like you. The company takes care of all the technical aspects, editing, and intricacies of podcast production, allowing you to focus on delivering your message to the world. With a track record of launching over 400 podcasts in the last three years and currently managing an impressive 75 shows per week, Amplifyou is undoubtedly in the business of making waves, one episode at a time.

Beyond her professional achievements, Michelle is a super mom to two incredible kids and an avid traveler. She’s also the voice behind not one, but two podcasts – Amplifyou and Blissful Parenting. But what sets Michelle apart is her commitment to practicing what she preaches. She’s opted for a life off the grid, situated by a serene lake, and even “boats” her kids to school – all while successfully running her online podcast management agency.

In her latest venture, Michelle is thrilled to introduce “Amplifying Your Voice, Vision & Visibility with Masterminds & Aligned Adventures.” This immersive experience is designed to elevate your vibe, align your business, and nourish your soul. Through the PACES framework – Podcasters, Authors, Content Creators, Entrepreneurs, and Speakers – Michelle will delve deep into the three pillars of Visibility, Readiness, Resources, and Relationships.

To find Michelle Abraham: https://www.amplifyounetwork.com/

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