Dance Off to Bed

Dance Off to Bed:
Today we are celebrating the first day of National Dance week 2020. The story to share today is “The Bear on the Bed” by Ruth Miller and illustrated by Bill Slavin. The songs we will dance to today are “Wiggle in My Toe” and “Under your Bed” by Joe Scruggs, “Lucky Star” by Dan Devion, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” by Karen Drucker. I will be sharing snippets of dance steps from choreographies we were working on this year, and some have been favorites of mine for years. I tried to find my favorite version of “10 in the Bed” but couldn’t so we will sing together and act out the parts. Thanks for joining in the fun today. I have loved getting all my teddy bears, puppets and props out to play, and of course, to have pajama time with my favorite people in dance time. I will be sharing the Feet First Foot Rub, Cook’s Hookups, and ESR’s from my Touch for Health™ toolbox, and “Sweeping the day away” from Therapeutic Touch®, so parents have some bedtime tools to help their little ones fall asleep quickly.

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