Dance Debut is 35 Years old Today!

Dance Debut Inc has had a rich journey supporting thousands of students over time.

Dance Debut was imagined just after graduating from the University of Calgary with a Psychology Degree. My passion for educating and dancing moved me forward. Over the years I have taught on 4 continents, across Canada and the US, from infant to grandparent. Dance forms like stepdance, tap, jazz, highland, and ballet morphed with wellness techniques, and my desire to support well-being every step of the way has led to the programs I now offer in movement for well-being. Could I have imagined this incredible journey? Could I have considered the obstacles and tribulations I faced through the years? Could I have marveled at the friendships and colleagues I would meet? It has been a rich journey and I wouldn’t trade any of it. If you have been a part of Dance Debut’s programs or relationships over the years, thank you, thank you, thank you! Because of you, I continue to strive and build programming that puts movement and well-being at the forefront. As Dr. Michelle Greenwell, since Feb 2023, I am enriched by the people who have shared and imagined with me along the way. Happy Celebrating to my Dance Debut family!

What can you expect in this 35th year? Some unbelievable collaborations and new programs expanding how you can play and enjoy taking care of yourself and moving well along the way.

Stay tuned for:

Leap into the Deep – a special podcast with Dr. Margaret Winters and alchemist extraordinaire, Allison Stillman. And a special workshop on June 14th!!!

Movement Made Easy continues to explore deeper into the Nervous System with movement opportunities accompanied by the amazing intuitive music of Colin MacLeod of Scotland.

Qi YINtegration exploring the biofield through the power of the chakras and kundalini. Using the Affirmations for the Body and BioField deck as well as the power of the It’s in the Cards deck, this movement and deep goal setting class empowers a week full of magic in experiences.

A card deck extravaganza with the amazing Marian Egan from Ireland, and co-creator, Tanya Levy from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The date to be determined. A workshop of incredible power with the tools shared.

The Magic of Movement to support self-care needs and reduce stress workshop with the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association on June 9th. You can register here.

Conquer Your Energy Enemies in the Work Day Workshops begin in August, preparing you for the fall schedule. Stay tuned for registration details.

Balancing Business: 8 Week Mastermind to create the wellness practice in your day that maximizes your potential for joy at work, love in your personal life, and the intuition and support you need to thrive in day to day experiences. Registration opens in August for the September 12th launch.

Be sure to keep up with the Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell podcast, each episode is designed for you to be empowered and energized for your day while learning more about the unique gifts of the guests on the show. You can watch the episode here, or listen to the podcast here

Thank you for being a part of Dance Debut and supporting the many ways that you and others can be supported in well-being!

Be sure to check out the latest at our sister company: The Cape Breton Tea Company and expand how you engage with herbs, intentions and specialty blends.

Sharing Dynamic Sitting exercises at the 2020 FEM Power event.

Dance Debut Year End Recitals supported Make A Wish Foundation for almost a decade.

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