Dance Classes and Qi YIN Classes begin Saturday, Jan 6

The season of fun begins as we prepare for our Spring Show centered around the wonderful Broadway musical “CATS”.  Classes begin in Port Hawkesbury this Saturday, Monday in Belle Cote, Tuesday in Port Hood, and Friday the 12th in Inverness.  We look forward to seeing Dancers for the Dance Classes, Qi YIN students who are looking for some fun working the symbols of the Nasca Lines from Peru along with special movement patterns, and for Tai Chi’ers looking for the opportunity to build energy and increase strength and flexibility with the 108 moves, Loh Kup and Sabre.  Our spring workshop for Tai Chi is in the works and more details will be posted in February!  See you soon for some great class opportunities for the winter blues!

PS  If you haven’t seen the new calendar…take a look in the resources, and join us on Facebook at “One Step to Change Direction” – we have weekly activities to transform your dreams into reality and to shift your energy into high gear for fun and adventure!

Full 2018 Winter Spring Sessions


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