CUPS – video ideas and choreography notes

Hello Dancers!  Here are some video ideas to check out about the CUPS song.

This is a tap choreography done by Broadway dancers in New York:

This video is a percussive/tap version:

Here is a tutorial on how to do the Cup routine with a cup:


So far everyone has learned 3 patterns of tap rhythms for our version of CUPS, they are:

1.  clap clap shuffle r, step r, clap march l, march r   or    clap clap pineapple clap pear pear

1        &     2 and      a            3      &             4

shuffle l, step l, heel drop l,  heel dig r, toe drop r, stamp l   or  peanut butter jelly bean

5   &         6          &                    7                  &                8

2.  shuffle r, step r, heel drop  r, stamp l, click heels together, heel drop l, heel drop r

1   &            2           &                  a              3                                   &                  4

or   peanut butter stamp, click heel heel

step l, brush right to sweeping in towards left and step on right,  repeat step brush step,

5                    &                                                    a                                        6   &  a

step left, heel drop l, pick up left toe and hit it with right heel sweeping across to left, drop left toe,

7                e                                                           &                                                                         a

stamp right foot crossing over left


3.  Stamp r inverted, sweep the toe opening out,   stamp l, sweep out,    stamp r, sweep out,   stamp l

1                                       &                                          2                  &               3                 &                  4

Drawback (brush back l, heel drop r, step on the ball l)     l , repeat r, repeat l,  brush back r, heel drop

&    a    5                                                                                         &    a      6,      &   a  7    e                     &

l,  toe tap r behind left foot, heel drop l

a                                   8

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