Creating memories, it is all in how you intend to celebrate!

As we gather with family and friends for our summer fun, we have the opportunity to create special connections. It can be around a fire pit, in the backyard, at the beach, hiking, kayaking, or just sitting and visiting with someone. These special moments are ones we treasure when the winter storms have found us, or when we are far away from those we love and cherish.

Today we are exploring the power of intention. The intention you have when you create a special gathering and how you can cultivate enduring love and connection through the gathering and long afterward. In this portion of the podcast I am sharing with my sister, Charlene, and we are actually together in the Okanagan Valley this week while I am visiting. We thought this would be a timely opportunity to share some common gathering threads that have weaved through our family over the years, and for us to plant some seeds of opportunity with you, the listener, as to how you choose to create your special moments, and what you choose to include. Create those lasting days of summer with us!

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This episode is 38 minutes.  We encourage you to make a cup of tea to enjoy while you are listening.  Have a goal in mind for your day and begin the podcast with the goal envisioned.  Lock into the Affirmation card that is chosen, and let your intuition guide you as you create balance and flow towards your goal.  There is a movement option at the end of each podcast, so be sure to take the time to engage the body for the final transformation.

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