Confidently Exploring What’s Next – with Eric and Care Verikas of the Dusty Dude Woodworks podcast

How we choose to grow and develop is up to us!

Each of us has a life plan, a vision map of sorts of the activities and experiences we would like to enjoy in this lifetime. Sometimes life gets in the way of these dreams and visions, and we are challenged to stay focused and we have to pivot and improvise and re-evaluate. Do you have a vision map? Have you been following and living your true heart’s desire? Do you know what experiences you still have in your bucket? Perhaps you like to let things unfold as they will, you respond to the situations as they arise, and you allow life to pull you along into new opportunities.

Part of my doctoral work focused on the key tools that support people with their wellness and their life satisfaction. Top of the list, having intentions and goals to set our compass and guide our path. I once thought that I did a great job of this with occasional goals and an idea of what I wanted, but I have magnified that since my dissertation by including goals and intentions in almost everything that I do. Why? Because you can’t go on a road trip if you don’t have a map of where you want to go. And it is empowering when you practice this as part of your wellness plan.

Today I am super excited to be sharing time with two amazing wood artists and visionaries. Eric and Care Verikos own Dusy Dude Woodworks in Bristol, Connecticut, USA. A thriving business in a small town, they are changing the way people consider the furniture in their homes and offices, and the beauty that can come from artfully crafted wood. Care has also organized the Bristol Bizarre, a huge event for over 40 artisans to showcase their work. Together, we are looking at exploring what it means to set intentions and follow through on the goals. And how their dedication to planning has helped them personally and professionally.




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