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Have you thought about how you could be supporting others with the gifts you have in your life? Perhaps you want to reach out but don’t know how. Maybe you have been the recipient of the kindness of others and it has changed your life in ways you never imagined.

Each of us has a life to live and a chance to make a difference in the lives that we have the pleasure and fortune of knowing and interacting with. We have many choices in how we do that. Charlene Waines, our ambassador for Compassionate Living, shares her insights and ingenuity as she finds a way to understand the life of someone in a world so different from her own that she needs to interpret the messages received to truly understand the desperation and need. Charlene introduces us to the Moyo Family and her initial first contact, her friend Stephen Moyo. Over many messages of texting through Facebook messenger, she discovers the depth of need of a village and the extended Moyo family.

This story is revealing the nature of those in our world who are desperate to survive, but it also is a story of resiliency, love, and faith. Charlene’s ability to ask the right questions and listen between the lines is remarkable. By listening to her descriptions and her compassion we have the ability to understand how we too can know how to reach out and how to respond.

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Each month we will share another chapter to this story and expand your understanding of compassionate living. We look forward to reading your comments, hearing your own stories of compassion, and perhaps your desire to know more about the Moyo family and the village that they belong to in Malawi. Together we will grow with our knowledge and our ability to be a part of the lives of others who need our love and support to make each day a day of survival and hope.

To learn more about the Moyo family, please follow the blog that Charlene shares:

Thank you for passing the podcast forward to others so we can develop skills in asking questions, knowing how to reach out, and understanding the kind of support that will be most helpful in a situation of pain and suffering and need of love and hope.

To support you with these needs, please go to and on the main page is a free handout called the Top 8 Stress Release Tools. Please take advantage of this pdf with descriptions of the tools and a chart to put at work, school or home. These tools can provide instant relief and a helping hand for everyone involved.

Dance Debut Inc and the Cape Breton Tea Company are proud sponsors of this podcast, and the Cape Breton Tea Company has created a special Tea to assist the fundraising efforts. Mission4Change CommuniTEA is available from the shop at, as well as from Charlene Waines through the GoFundMe page. Thank you for reaching out to the Moyo family and to others in your community who could use your inquiries and support.

Please be sure that your reaching out is done with your personal safety in mind. Be sure you know who you are involved with and how best you can help people to help themselves. Be sure that you are not taken advantage of because you care, by making sure you know the extent to which your support can go and that the right agencies and not-for-profit groups are involved. Your due diligence is necessary at every step of the way. Charlene took great care to check her sources before becoming involved across the miles through the internet. Her story is a true one, and the Moyo family is a real family living as best they know how in Malawi, the land of the Lotus flower.

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