Choose Love Canada Day

Monday, November 22nd is your chance to celebrate Choose Love Canada Day with us. As part of a team of Choose Love Ambassadors, Michelle will be presenting a tool to help you feel some love this fall. There are 6 presenters for the event. Michelle will be sharing Charlotte Diamond’s music “Four Hugs a Day” with a choreography idea for young children. With Covid it has been hard to share hugs, and we need hugs! Michelle will be sharing some new ideas for feeling the love and passing hugs safely.

What do you do? Register for our free event. Come with the intention of learning tips and tools for you and those around you. Invite a friend, or two or three! Make a cup of tea, or have a glass of water close at hand. Bring a notebook to write new ideas in. Learn more about the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, and how your involvement in Choosing Love daily can fulfill Scarlett Lewis’ mission to make sure we all feel Nurturing Healing Love daily. If you like what you see, consider a donation to support the Choose Love Movement, as they reach out around the globe to provide education and support for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing for FREE to all those willing to learn.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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