Centering your Intuition Feedback and New Workshop added

This past Sunday we celebrated our first event called “Center your Intuition”.  An online event with Tanya Levy, a counsellor from NSCC, artist and writer, Marian Egan from Ireland and an artist, card creator, and bioenergetic wellness facilitator, and Dr. Michelle Greenwell, empowering the audience through movement-based activities.  It was a powerful 2 hours as everyone explored their ways of knowing and growing their skills.  Marian set to work creating a painting to support and activate intuition in the group.

Here is what some of the participants shared:

“With Gratitude to all three of you. Thank you Michelle, Tanya & Marian for a beautiful heart-centered workshop on Centering your Intuition. The reflections, the beautiful art, the mindful movement, the writing reflections invited in and inspired ease and flow in my body and intuition into my heart centre. The interactive exercises and reflections allowed me to connect with my intuition. I look forward to playing with your inspiring activities in the days to come. Bravo! Well done!” With gratitude & joy, – Paula

“I love it and got a lot of new information from it. I was empowered during the meditation with “centering into clarity, right here right now, and being present in the moment.” I understand how to follow up on my inspiration and write it down if for some reason I cannot follow up straight away.” – Collette

“I realize now that I need to trust my own intuition and not follow or listen to what other people are saying. I have some new skills to take forward with me.  I enjoyed watching Marian create the painting as well.” Yvonne

We are delighted at the results of the event and the number of people involved.  We want to empower others with the Year of the Green Dragon in 2024.  We will be putting our next event on the Chinese New Year’s Day, Feb 11th.  Here is the information to register.  Don’t delay, we will have a special tea blend just for the event, and this will be mailed out at the beginning of December to make sure people receive it before February overseas.  We hope you are as excited as we are!

Advance your skills in working with your intuition. We all can empower our gift of knowing!

If you missed the event on Sunday and would like to benefit from all the skills and opportunities of the workshop, you can still order the recording and follow all the exercises.  Please email Michelle to make arrangements at


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