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Approach your Day with Energy Building Activity

Many of us have very sedentary lives with the use of computers daily, watching television, holding on to our phones and scrolling through posts, driving, reading, and sitting at the table. Our brains and our bodies are very powerful as a team, and they require the activity of our body

Release the Stress and Improve your Life…

Sending a shout-out to Dr. Margaret Winters of for the opportunity to share tips and tools for self-care in her “Digestive Reboot Program”. As much as I know movement to heal the body is powerful, it was an absolute delight to watch the whole group release the tension in

Emotional Freedom Technique with Foot Percussion – who knew?!

What a great morning I had with Joanna Armstrong at BlissyJoy and her wellness podcast. I shared simple tools for at your desk or after a long time sitting in the car or inside. We also explore how EFT works with your feet, just like it does when tapping the

Tap and Tea Tuesdays – 4 weeks

Join us for 4 weeks as we explore energizing the feet, learning some stepdance patterns, bringing percussive tap into your heart and spirit, and creating a fun community for learning. No experience necessary. To register please email Michelle at and she will forward you the information for joining the

The 5 Element Wheel with the Choose Love Formula

Be sure to check out the release of this special tool as well as the video to explore the full exercise. You can read more from the article in the resource section, and be sure to check out the video on YouTube. 5 Element Wheel with the Choose Love Formula