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Tap and Tea Tuesdays – 4 weeks

Join us for 4 weeks as we explore energizing the feet, learning some stepdance patterns, bringing percussive tap into your heart and spirit, and creating a fun community for learning. No experience necessary. To register please email Michelle at and she will forward you the information for joining the

The 5 Element Wheel with the Choose Love Formula

Be sure to check out the release of this special tool as well as the video to explore the full exercise. You can read more from the article in the resource section, and be sure to check out the video on YouTube. 5 Element Wheel with the Choose Love Formula

National Dance Week – The Feet First System Foot Rub Set 1

In honor of National Dance Week I am sharing some of my tips and tools this week to help dancers keep their self-care strong and effective. Today, check out the Feet First System Foot Rub Set 1 and see the impact it can have on your jump, absorption, linking of

My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration Set 1

June is Health and Wellness Awareness time.  By request of my students, I have created the Set 1 book of all things wonderful and basic to get you moving into a pattern of living that is energizing and easy.  With 11 videos to download, there are simple instructions for you

Spring into Self Care Health Fair

Schedule of Events    NEW-SPRING-INTO-SELF-CARE-POSTER-2018 (3) Join us for a great evening of fun and sharing with our Health Fair.  Enjoy listening to special talks in the speakers corner or participate in the gym with many different physical activities including Tai Chi, Dance and Yoga.  Lastly, wander around the trade show and