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Have you considered how you can sustain your energy throughout the day? Perhaps gain focus and creativity in just a few seconds? Finish a work day feeling rejuvenated and ready to play with your personal time? If you answered “no” to these questions, be sure to check out the New Brunswick Career Development Associations Virtual Conference. Three days of presenters and opportunities to develop your skills in the business world.

Michelle Greenwell will be sharing her tips and tools on wellbeing practices and how to build resiliency and vitality throughout your day. She excels at finding simple solutions to bring you joy, passion and interest to all that you are doing in a work day and in your personal life.

To register, follow the information from this link:

Want to learn more about Michelle’s presentation, check out her title, and visit Paula Nowak Droog’s information at the conference as well. She is a co-author with Michelle and will also be presenting.

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