Calendar and Notebook

It only takes one step to change direction

In each of us is a desire to play a role in the performance. We aspire to hold the richness of the musician, we embrace the artistry that comes through dance and drama, we are lifted by the words in a song or poem, and we are joyous at the witnessing of a performance that culminates in a perfection of performance on all levels. This height of awareness, its suspension of our heart, its raising in our spirit is the pivotal moment that we embrace being a part of a performance as either the performer or the audience. It is within these precious moments that we have the choice to bring that energy into a state of wellness and wholeness that can be transforming to our spirit and our soul. It only takes one step to change direction, and with that simple action, our intention determines our experience.

This calendar is a culmination of finding the pivotal moments in performance and capturing them in a single frame. Our words of reflection provide you with a means to pause with that moment, reflect, assess and choose your next action. We hope that in its spirit you will be guided to choose joy, gratitude, and love in your heart and action that can be shared with others. Each month has pivotal moments you may add to your experience through reflection and sharing. “It only takes one step to change direction,” thank you for stepping there with us.

Photo credits to Mats Melin and David Greenwell of “M3D Designworks Inc.” (
Inspirational words by Michelle Greenwell of Dance Debut Inc., and the programs of “The K.E.Y. to Health with Energy Medicine: Kinetic Energy YINtegration.”

Thank you to Celtic Colours International Festival for inspiring this project through their insights into celebrating the love of music and performance with the Cape Breton Island and the world. We appreciate the opportunity to capture the love of performance in the inspiring performances we have been able to witness and capture on film.

Thank you also to the performers who agreed to be included in our project: Jenny MacKenzie, Sabra MacGillivray, Liz Doherty, Lucy MacNeil, John Pellerin, Bill Pellerin, Melody Cameron, Kelly MacLennan, Raymond Beaton, Mac Morin, Nic Gareiss, Dawn Beaton, Margie Beaton, Sgiobalta, Mairi Britton, and Stephen MacLennan.

If you have any special insights or sharings you would like to send our way, we would be happy for feedback and observations. Please send them to We wish you the very best in bringing together your passion for the arts and living life to the fullest!

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