Building Resiliency

Join us for this special event as we share the power of NeuroArts to support wellbeing. We will be including art, colour, music, herbs, intention, movement, and connection. This special event is a sneak peek at the depth of transformation that can happen when you create a space for all the senses to be engaged in your wellbeing.
Follow the links to register and get more details. A zoom link will be shared the day before the event, and a handout for your preparations.
Tanya Levy, Colin MacLeod, and myself, Dr. Michelle Greenwell, have spent a year working on the processes involved in this program. There are 6 tea blends to support the different aspect of the journey of discovery, as well as 11 Intentional Art Coasters.
If you would like to purchase these prior to the event, please do so before March 18, so they can be sent with time for delivery. You can order these on in the Harmony Blends section.
Tanya is the mastermind behind the artwork created for this event. She uses photographs of nature around Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia as her inspiration, and the creates her unique and intentional images.
Colin has been developing his skills with intuitive playing and has developed a technique and an awareness for the tug and pull of notes to lead you through the Root, Heart and Brow Chakras with all point in between engaged and livened.
Michelle has been exploring the power of stress to change posture and movement habits, as well as capture emotions into patterns and thought processes. Her choices for this event to unwind your stress and open the body will have you thinking differently about your daily posture, having an open and aware mind, and your connection to nature and music.
Sounds intriguing? Please join us and help us launch this special program. The full theory and process will be explored at the International Conference for Unwinding Trauma in Tenerife, Spain in May with Knowlative. We are indebted to their inspiration to explore the depth of possibility for trauma as people strive to build their resiliency and thrive in their daily living.
Please follow the links to register, and get set for a beautiful opportunity for personal transformation.

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