Brook Village Grocery Cheese Club and the Cape Breton Tea Company

We started with the teas prepared and the descriptions set out. Kathryn and Karen did a great job in pairing the teas with the different Nova Scotia cheeses.

The box arrives with special wrapping, a true gift box for a special evening.

With everything labeled it is easy to go through the tasting tips and prepare for the feast!

We chose to go with all hot tea blends today, but it sure would be fun to do some ice cubes in water, so short and tall drinks with garnishes, and some teas with a little liquor added too!

Queen Mary is a Creamed Earl Grey, and it paired nicely with several of the cheeses.

We did a baguette and some crackers to break up the tasting. Jams would be lovely too!

This was a great blend together!

The Dragons Breath with Merry Moments was our winner for the favorite today. We are transformed with the depth of the blue cheese, the Merry Moments softened it beautifully!

Thank you Brook Village Grocery for a great evening to share!

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