Body Awareness is Paramount to Wellness…how aware are you?

“Protection against spinal injury requires proper anticipation of events, appropriate sensation of body position, and reasonable muscular responses. Lumbar fatigue is known to delay lumbar muscle responses to sudden loads. Patients with chronic low back trouble had significantly poorer ability than control subjects on the average to sense a change in lumbar position, which was noticed before and after the fatiguing procedure. This feature was found in patients and control subjects, but patients with low back trouble had poorer ability to sense a change in lumbar position than control subjects even when they were not fatigued.”

Dr. Russell Shierling’s blogpost on “fascia as a proprioceptive organ” illustrates our need to understand how our body feels and how it responds in movement or in postural positions. It is this awareness that will protect us from injury. If you do not stand straight, have a neck with challenges, have lower back pain? What is your posture telling you, and are you listening? If you are listening, what are you doing about it? These are important questions because only we can change who we are. If we need to stand straight in our posture, we need to find the means to make it happen through our own movement possibilities. If we have a neck challenge, we need to look at the positions we are asking our head to hold for extended periods of time. We need to know how to adjust this and to make new positions possible. Dance and Tai Chi both bring about this awareness. The programs at Dance Debut and through the Moy Tai Chi form can bring about the awareness and the movement patterns that can produce awareness. Young dancers are taught about this awareness from the first class. Older participants (adults and older adults) gain awareness through participation in dance or Tai Chi.

What are you doing to change your destiny? How are you being aware? How are you participating in your wellness? Let us help you find a way. Send a message…check out our Youtube channels: Michelle Greenwell and Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series. Facebook: The KEY to Health with Energy Medicine, Qi YINtegration, Dance Debut, Feet First System, Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series, Inverness County Happenings. So many options, take the time!

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