BioEnergetic Wellness for Cancer Care just released their latest issue for Creativity with Cancer. On page 27 you can see an interview Dr. Michelle did with the author, Sarah Dimuro. Together they shed light on bioenergetic wellness techniques to support cancer care and recovery, as well as how bioenergetic wellness techniques can support the patient, caregiver, and supporters. Please be sure to share the issue with others.

Cancer Wellness Magazine

Tai Chi is an excellent support for cancer care before, during, and after diagnosis and treatment.

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Or, sign up for one of Michelle’s classes online or in-person. Movement Made Easy on Wed at noon is recorded and can be played over and over as needed. This session is devoted to the nervous system and rebooting the system for optimum resources and flow.

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Or, check out this special presentation on the Magic of Movement to Support Self-Care needs and Reduce Stress. The webinar is on June 9th with the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association. Anyone is welcome.

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