Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell begins Season 3

Business Attitude, Compassionate Living and our Authentic Selves, this is a full introduction to the season!

Welcome to Season 3!

Season Three is devoted to understanding the transformational process that we go through as people and in our daily lives, which provides us with the experience to change who we are and to serve others with the knowledge gained.

Our conversations are designed for you to reflect on ideas in your own life, consider how you can be of more service with the skills that you have, and how you may inspire others to be more for themselves. We always include an affirmation from the Affirmations for Body and BioField deck found in the shop at to create support for reflection and growth. We also include a cup of tea to help you consider taking the time to relax and reflect. The Cape Breton Tea Company shares the idea of intention setting to begin your day or a project and invites you to also choose an inspirational mug or cup. You can learn more about this special company at

The podcast is a journey of exploration, a way for you to find how to be in line with your own growth and goals and then bring illumination to how your support transforms others. We hope you enjoy the journey of the season and invite others to come on this journey too. As we grow and learn together we set the stage for intention and love to be at the forefront of what we do.

My guest today is my sister, Charlene Waines. It is a pleasure to bring our years of experience and interests into a conversation that shares more about our entrepreneurial journey. We come from several generations of hard-working business owners, and over our time offering services, we have learned great lessons along the way. We weave these business concepts into exploring how our skills have supported others and how we choose to offer our skills to help others. These ideas are a part of who we are in our friendships, with our family, and with others we have the opportunity of working with or reach out to.

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Together we explore how we present ourselves and our skills to others. We begin with business and how we share what we do then explore what it truly means to share our skills and gifts with the world. We begin with how we may want people to know about us and our business or title, and we walk through how we can change our perspective on sharing and look at how we make others comfortable by wanting to learn more about the other person.

At the start of the month will be reflection on business and personal goals through the conversations I create. The middle of the month will highlight guests who have been at a transformational time in their lives and chosen to be different and to grow through struggle and discovery. During the last week of the month, Charlene and I will share the time to focus on the struggles and highlights of the Moyo Family in Malawi, in Africa. We will be inviting you to follow us on an incredible journey of hope and love to have all of our lives mean something to others in our world.

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