Balancing Business – What’s in it for you?

Saying “YES” to your well-being practice empowers you and your business!

How long have you been ignoring the stress? Do you know your stress signals? How long have you had them and when do you think you will begin to listen to them?

We need to change the way we approach our workday – dynamic sitting is a new option!

We have just two more days before you can relax into the Balancing Business workshop and feel the stress lift from your shoulders. Just the thought feels good, doesn’t it?

I know it is hard to imagine this transformation because you have been holding on to all the details of your business as well as your personal life. These are big, important, and necessary tasks that you work through daily. However, there is always an element of tension because a crisis could be just around the corner, or you forgot something and a change may arise. Have you realized the stress that being an entrepreneur creates?

Many of us consider stress to be physical symptoms or emotional challenges, but there are other kinds of stress I want to share with you, and the impact they have on your mindset, your productivity, and your bottom line. Together we will be able to understand the patterns of your business and your role within the business. Also, the impact your business has on your personal life.

These may be topics you have considered before or taken courses about. However, we will be prioritizing your specific needs, not just a blanket approach to the regular topics.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 40 years, and come from a family with three generations of entrepreneurs. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly for both business success and failure, as well as the toll that stress and business play on well-being, relationships, and dreams.

Of course, you prefer assistance. You like to be a part of a successful team that resonates with you. That is what you will find when you take initiative in your busy week to gift yourself some new relationships for growth and improved business opportunities.

The Balancing Business program encourages you to think beyond your regular habits and strategies with your business. It provides you with experiential opportunities that provide instant feedback and examples of what is possible with new ideas and well-being. With the Balancing Business Formula, you can repeat the ideas and actions throughout the day for instant success and support.

Ready to be part of a collaborative and engaging team of entrepreneurs? Join Balancing Business today and follow your road to success as an entrepreneur focused on well-being both personally and professionally.

Click here and say “YES” to the free workshops happening until Sunday, and the Mastermind begins on Tuesday.

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