Back Pain and Posture – how are you supporting your body?

Build your wellness toolbox so you can be the best you can be!

We all have our habits and our faults for why we have aches or pains that come and go through our bodies. How we hold ourselves, sit, walk, and stand all play an important role in the function of our muscles, the organ systems related to the muscles, and the harmony of the systems to work together to create health and wellness through daily healing.

If you have been sitting at your desk for long periods, driving in a hunched position repeatedly day after day, or doing repetitive actions with your work that keep your body in an imbalanced pattern, then this podcast is for you. I share details about the emotions related to the neck, center, and lower back. I also highlight some simple tools to get you started on a plan to release tension in the body and support proper posture.



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As always, a listen to this podcast creates balance and flow for a healing session while you listen.

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