“Christmas Time is Here” get ready to celebrate what is coming next…








Christmas Time is Here! What a great celebration of talent and pure excitement from all the dancers! Seasons Greetings from Dance Debut, and thank you to all who have been a part of the journey for 2015. A book launch: “My Little Black Book of Energy”, a program launch: “Qi YINtegration”, the Feet First System video series on Facebook and Youtube, Touring Alberta, British Columbia, New York and Ireland. Conference presentations in Banff, Limerick University, and the Alberta Dance Educators. Working with Tasha Lawson’s Tri-Tones Production company, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Heather Cornell’s Tap Intensive, and with the Dance and Music Therapy students in the undergrad and graduate programs at Limerick University. And, of course, my many students here in Cape Breton, and on the mainland. Our first retreat for Healing in June with Singing Bowl specialist Natascha Polomski, launching the Intend2RaeD8 Teas and Bath Buffs and Immersions, as well as re-establishing the Dancing to the Rhythm of the Cosmos protocols with Dr. Rashida Naraharasetti. And, the creation of the 5 Element Tai Chi set with Sound and Color – a powerful energizer in only 3 minutes! So many cool projects and opportunities. All the best for 2016, and make your dreams big and real! Stay tuned for Dance Debut’s opportunities coming in the new year…

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