The Cape Breton Tea Company Launch Party

Queen Mary Tea and Pot

“Love the Tea You’re With!” Join us for the Tea Launch

Dance Debut Inc, Waines Publishing and Dr. Michelle Greenwell are pleased to announce the official launch of the Cape Breton Tea Company. Michelle has been the owner of the Tea with Intention Tea company since 2015 with co-founder, Natascha Polomski. On National Tea Day, Friday, April 21st from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, Michelle will be happy to launch this new venture to bring in the tastes, smells and sights of Cape Breton through the specialty tea blends.

“As a Soulpreneur who is passionate about tea, it is my pleasure to bring this company forward for the community and those who live outside of Cape Breton.” Michelle is passionate about sharing her love for Cape Breton Island and the gifts from the garden that can be found in the companies tea blends.

A tea cup of the island’s flavours to enjoy sip by sip

Michelle will be sharing a very special tea blend created with her sister, Charlene, in honor of her parents 60th Wedding Anniversary “Celebrating Dreams.” Her parents, Doug and Yvonne Waines will be on hand as they are traveling to Nova Scotia for their anniversary. Their blend includes ingredients from Michelle and David’s garden with grape leaves, rose petals, apple, and sunflower petals. The blend also has the vibrancy of rooibos and honey bush, along with vanilla, blue mallow flowers, hibiscus, ginger and cinnamon. “This is truly a family favorite since the first taste,” Michelle shares.

The event will be an opportunity for people in the community to gather at the Hillsborough hall, just down from where the tea company is located, to share stories about the role that tea has played in their lives. This includes Orange Pekoe, “King Cole,” being on the stove all day for when visitors come, to special tea cups and tea pots, to cookies and sweets that go with the tea, to pairings with cheese and chocolate. Michelle is looking forward to people coming for the evening and sharing their memories, while enjoying a cup of the “Celebrating Dreams” tea, and sampling some of the cheese pairings that Michelle has been offering for the Cheese Club at Brook Village Grocery. Michelle will also have other teas “on tap” to sample, and to purchase to take home. “Celebrating Dreams” is not available from the company, so if you want to taste this special blend, you will need to attend the party.

Michelle first became interested in tea when her daughter, Michellie, who thought she might like to be a tea sommelier. Helping her with her final exam, Michelle became intrigued about the depth of tea nutrients, rituals, combinations, and possibilities for health and wellness. Tea with Intention was originally created as a way to support people’s well-being practices through the nutritional possibilities found in combinations of tea. Michellie helped out with some of the initial blend combinations when she headed west to work for Kelly Joyner at her tea shop in Cochrane, Alberta. “Apple Passion” was created first with family friends helping to get the combination just right. At the Cape Breton Tea Company this is now known as “Island Orchard” and will have local apples in the mix this coming season.


Each cup of tea is like sipping on your own vitamins…delicious and valuable!

Michelle would be delighted if you would join her at the Hillsborough hall for the big National Tea Day event. Sample the teas, learn more about the role tea plays in our every day lives, and of course, be ready to take your favorite blends home with you. Tea specials will be available for the event.

To learn more about the company, please check it out here! Be sure to check out recipes for Switchel listed in the stories section.

“Merry Moments” created by Michelle’s mom, sister and herself over the Christmas holidays, is a special blend in honor one of our local stepdance instructors and “Tunes and Wooden Spoons” community ambassador, Mary Janet MacDonald. Mary Janet will be on hand with her cookbooks to share stories she has of tea in the kitchen also. You can hear the podcast Michelle and Mary Janet recorded earlier in the pandemic lockdown. The Cape Breton Tea Company is a sponsor of the “Be Well with Michelle Greenwell” podcast, now entering its third season.

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