The 5 Element Wheel with the Choose Love Formula

5 Element Wheel Mat Set

Choose Love and the 5 Elements – Copy

The 5 Element Wheel represents the dynamic energy flow that communicates between organ systems. It includes the organ, meridian or energy line, muscle, tissue, and organ system. Well-being is created when there is balance and flow between the systems. There are specific emotions linked to each element, as well as color and sound (6 healing sounds from Traditional Chinese Medicine, or expressive sounds from Touch for Health). Linked with the Choose Love Formula: Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Compassion, the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement has provided a way for people thoughtfully respond to situations. Michelle has linked the Choose Love Formula to the 5 Element Wheel to provide a way to reflect and engage with the action aspects of the Formula while using the intention of the metaphors of the 5 Element wheel with color and sound. Experience creates the understanding of what this all means. Walk through the experience with Michelle on her video 5 Element Wheel with the Choose Love Formula and explore for yourself the shift in the breath, tension, and calming thoughts, voice and action.

The science behind the tools are centuries old, and profound. All that matters to us is to have an easy tool to engage in for connection, grounding, centering, and relaxing. Optimize your learning potential, creative flow and decision making by creating a regular routine for balance and flow.

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