Hand and Foot Rubs

This rub is designed for feet to bring forth integration of pathways from the feet to the brain, for the
reflexes of stability, grounding, centering, balance and gravity, for increased circulation and muscles
mass, for opening of the joints in the foot and ankle, for realignment of the spine and for increased
energy. For those people unable to reach their feet, they can use their hands and send the message to
their feet with their mind. The hands also benefit in this way, and arthritic pain and cramping of the
muscles in the hands can be alleviated.
1. Rub between the bones in the foot or hand. On the foot, place the thumbs on the underside of
the foot for stability, and place the fingers down between the bones of the top of the foot. Rub intensely
pushing into the muscles. On the hand, place all of the finger tips between the bones on
the hands and rub down each line leading to the fingers.

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