Dance Notes: Week 2

Dance this week saw a continuation of the use of “Stacey on the Keyboard” CD. We were able to
fine- tune positions and attention to detail this week.
“Criss Cross Oh My Gosh” we added a brain exercise from Svetlana Masgatova that awakens several
systems in the body – visual, auditory, proprioceptor, vestibular, direction, and cross brain. This pattern is
called out as : CENTER, CENTER – elbow to knee on each side; BRAIN ,BRAIN – opposite hand to
side of head, repeat other side (the feet can be stationary or they can step dig from side to side with all of
the movements listed next as well); EYE, EYE – opposite hand to outside corner of eye, repeat other
side; EAR, EAR – opposite hand to ear, repeat other side; HAND, HAND – clap hands to right side of
body, then to left side of body; FOOT, FOOT – touch opposite hand to foot raised up, then repeat to the
other side…

Dance notes week 2 – archetype movements

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