Advancing Your Intuitive Connections

Ready for some fun with paint? Join us online and celebrate the Year of the Green Dragon New Year Celebrations with art and healing!


Join us with paint, paper, brushes, and imagination. Together we are going to transform how you feel about your intuition and your expression of it through paint.

Dr. Michelle Greenwell will introduce you to goal setting and intentions to create a focus for the event and in your life moving forward. Tanya Levy will expand your awareness of your intuition through a special meditation to bring forward creative ideas to explore with the paint. Marian Egan is set to put the paint to paper and help you explore heart art!
We invite you to gather 5 colours you would like to paint with, brushes, wipes, and a water glass to clean brushes. Prepare a space that is suitable for painting, and put on your painting clothes. You can gather other inspirational items to be close to you while you create with books, poetry, colour, textures, objects, tea etc.
As you are painting, we will provide the space for you to explore, as well as ideas and connections to help you be inspired to bring out new ideas for you and your goals.
At the end of our time together we will leave the space open for sharing and connecting. This will be as you feel comfortable. We will be supporting this with ideas to expand as you move forward from our time together.
We will also offer a follow-up exploration after the event to check in and see how the goals and ideas created are being explored or introduced into your life.
To register for the event please go to: 
Payment is $30 Canadian for the 90 minutes as well as the follow up activity. E-transfers and Paypal will be accepted.
Marian Egan is owner of Heart Art, which includes special programs for healing through art, as well as her two published card decks and one on the way. You can find Marian at:
Tanya Levy is an intuitive artist, photographer, herbalist, and counselor by day at the local community college. Her work can be seen at Tanya has several card decks and books for purchase.
Dr. Michelle Greenwell is a movement specialist who shares health and wellness tips through dance, Tai Chi, and healing arts. A tea artist, she also supports growing and healing with the essences of herbs and intentions. You can find her resources at She has card decks, books, and courses available.
A zoom link will be shared the day before the event. It will be up to the participants to prepare their art supplies for the event, and to be set up for ease of painting with fingers and brushes.
Please share this with a friend and make an event out of it for some fun time together.

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