A Thank You for the Dr. Rogers Prize Nomination

It is an honor to be nominated!

This spring, Denise Cambiotti, of Muscle Tuners International and Business Code Breaker for Soulpreneurs, put forward a nomination for the newly graduated, Dr. Michelle Greenwell through the Complementary and Alternative Medicine program at Akamai University. Together they created 7 Executive Summaries of achievement, including a 17-page CV of presentations, awards, and education. It was an in-depth process to complete the requirement for the nomination.

Michelle’s area of expertise in movement to heal the body with dance, Tai Chi, and energy tools has evolved over four decades of study, experience, and a passion for helping others. The nomination was supported by 3 Letters of Reference from Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, President of Akamai University and the Dean of the program Michelle studied under, Dr. Mats Melin, retired Ethnochoreologist from Limerick University Dance and Music programs, and Tanya Levy, colleague, interactive art co-creator, and Counselor at Nova Scotia Community College. Michelle wishes to acknowledge their contribution and support to the nomination.

The shortlist for the prize was just released this week, and Michelle did not make the cut. However, she would like to extend a big thank you to all those who have supported projects, dissertation preparations, and opportunity for this amazing nomination.

It is a pleasure to know and to learn from such amazing colleagues! Thank you for your wisdom, insights, and inspiration!

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