This week Dr. Greenwell had the opportunity to share a great conversation with Einav Avni from Untangled Coaching.  Einav is originally from Israel and now lives in the UK.  We met online and had an instant connection.  It was a privilege to chat with Einav about Dynamic Sitting, Tai Chi, and Tea.  Yes, we covered all the passions for well-being.

Interestingly, the Cape Breton Tea Company has been very active for just a few short months.  In the last few weeks the “essences” of the herbs have become prominent as a way to provide people with knowledge about choosing tea that lifts them up, rather than trying to use tea like a medicine to fix a problem.  With this comes color.  While preparing for the upcoming Community Events with the Celtic Colours Festival where the tea will be featured, the idea of color and frequency has been coming forward.  Color and sound are two profound ways to make wellness changes, and the color of the Cape Breton Tea Company tea is brilliant.  We have bright orange, red, yellow, blue, tourquise, purple, green, golden, black and more.  You can imagine the vibrancy of the special blends.

As Einav and Michelle were discussing the tea and their messages (which are written on the front of each package), there was an opportunity for time to stop.  We all crave for these special moments and try to achieve them with meditation, praying, or being in the moment.  We achieved it just while talking about the tea.  This is pretty powerful.  So many people choose a beverage and absent-mindedly drink it in a regular pattern.  However, we have richness sitting in the cupboard, we have herbs calling to be our cheerleading squad, and we have the power to stop time and to be still and contemplative.

Enjoy the podcast and consider how you can be more present with your daily moments.

Thank you to Einav for the invitation to share.  Click here for the YOUTUBE version of the podcast. Click here to subscribe to her channel.

Looking to buy some tea? Stay tuned for the tea that will be featured in the fall events, as well as the fall and winter teas being released in the coming weeks.

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