53 Videos in Total – now what?!

This time last year, Doug and Yvonne Waines arrived for 10 days of intense workshops and recordings to create the Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series. We recorded for two solid days and delivered workshops at the same time. It was a huge learning curve for all of us, but an incredible opportunity of growth and exploration for Tai Chi. Fast forward one year.

We have been separated from each other by a nasty virus and our dedication has been challenged like we never imagined. It has been a tough time since we all said goodbye to each other with a second workshop with Doug Waines in March, and the halls closed and we went into isolation.

Throughout this process we have had Tai Chi at our finger tips. The value of the videos were never more clear or necessary. The addition of the 108 online classes that Michelle delivered from March until the end of June was an extension of the possibility of learning for everyone.


The link above is to the Youtube channel that houses all the video footage. You can use the prerecordings as well as the online playlist with special themes. The Tai Chi Wellness series now has all the sets online for both standing and seated version for Tai Chi, Sabre and Lok Hup. If you have been looking for help with the sets and remembering the sequence, it is there for you.

As always indicated, the study of Tai Chi is a personal one and it is necessary for you to learn the movement patterns for yourself, you cannot follow a video and have proper form or alignment. However, you can now look up anything you need.

We invite you to visit the channel often, to share it with family and friends who could use a hand, and share what you know.

Our opportunity to have an open hall for the fall has not materialized, so we are still without a way to gather together. However, we will continue to persevere to see what might be possible soon. Enjoy the videos and stay tuned for the fall programming which will be available in another week or so! If we need to be online, we can support each other from a distance!

Love and miss all of you dearly! MG

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