Spine Rotation Foundation

A favorite exercise, this is a great way to energize after you have been sitting or standing for any length of time. Just a few rotations can completely change how the body functions and how the whole body connects for ease of movement. If you have not been following the

Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzO-WRkzCZX5AwrzW9-zVPJANDpOHZomM Health and Wellness are at your finger tips. Our video series is a great introduction to Tai Chi and learning more about how the body moves and functions. We are supplementing this video series with an online gathering once a month to talk about anything Tai Chi related. We

Opening the Heart Meditation

Are you ready to be the change you wish to see in yourself? Perhaps this blog post will begin that journey of change. Join us on Patreon to learn more about my program development and assistance to your self-care journey. You can find me at Patreon: The Key to Health

Dance Classes in Inverness County

Dance is thriving and growing in our communities. There are spaces still available in Belle Cote, Inverness, Port Hood, Waycobah/Whycocomagh, and Port Hawkesbury for all ages. Classes run from January to May with our Spring recital May 8th: “If these Shoes could Talk!” If you would like more information, please

Seated Tai Chi can change the way you know your body!

Parting Bamboo is a favorite movement pattern that assists with deep breathing and circulating blood to ease and assist the heart. This is just a start of what you will experience when adding this exercise to your every day wellness plan. Take a look… https://youtu.be/uwdcO6N3TZw If you want to learn