Healing with Herbs International Workshop

You have harvested the garden and the herbs are dried for tea, tincture, baking and more.  Now, how can you enjoy the magnetism of the herbs throughout the winter months?  Join Michelle Greenwell as she shares the Healing Power of Herbs with you.  Introducing you to Evelyn Mulders extensive Herb

It’s a Cat’s Life!

http://www.smilebox.com/playBlog/4e4459794e7a49304d54493d0d0a&blogview=true   Just a few weeks away from Dance Debut’s 30th Anniversary show…”It’s a Cat’s Life!”  Here are a few pictures created by the dancers as they prepare their 3 names for the Addressing of the Cats.  If you don’t know about the story of the Cats, come join us

When do you take responsibility for your health and well being?

It is Easter and a chance to look at renewal and rejuvenation from all that has come before.  And, I am challenged by how we got to the place in life where we feel that other people are responsible for our wellbeing as a healthy and energetic human being.  When

Tea with Intention Book Launch

Just over 3  years ago Natascha Polomski and I began playing with one of our passions…tea!  We explored the idea of having tea blends that would support one of the 5 Elements:  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  Using the essences of the Herbs that we had learned about with

Stepdance this summer in Mabou!

Join Melody Cameron this July for her second year with the Cape Breton Stepdance School.  Last year’s incredible experience surpassed anything I had experienced in all my years of training with some of the best in the world of tap and jazz, as well as dance education.  There were many