Happy Canada Day! Happy 108!

As we Celebrate Day 108 Today, the magic of the 108 Moving Meditation to bring us so much health, vitality and joy, let’s look at today’s topic: The Power of the Group and Altruism.Our ability to gather through the live broadcasts and the videos saved to Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPG1vTQ71ZSEuM2GgmgaDw, in the

Day 107: Tai Chi for Your Every Day!

Day 107: Tai Chi for Your Every Day! Today we explore the regular activities that you use in the house and around the yard. Navigating the stairs, vacuum cleaner, broom, dusting, and repetitive actions. We will look at goal setting and increasing energy flow with the staples of Don Yu’s

Day 106: Tai Chi and the Plants outside

Day 106: Remembering the power of the great outdoors in your summer plans. Enjoy the plants, the sunshine, the wind, the smells and of course, the awesome Tai Chi that can transpire by being outdoors! Today is shared by the music of the tomato plant and the essences of the

Join me for 108 Days of Tai Chi – the final Broadcast!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/405838670370319/events We will follow this up with a zoom link. Tai Chi Cape Breton members will have received the link in their newsletter email. Anyone else, just send a message to info@dancedebut.com and I will forward the link. 11:00AM Atlantic on Wed July 1st to the link above. 11:30 AM