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Learn more about Energy Medicine and BioEnergetic Wellness

This is a very valuable article about the power of Energy Medicine tools and how they assist with all kinds of challenges and goals. I have enjoyed being a part of this world for almost 2 decades, and include these tools in my Dance and Tai Chi classes, as well

Tai Chi Cape Breton Fall Newsletter

Welcome to a new season with Tai Chi Cape Breton! We are excited with all the planning underway for the education and development of our Tai Chi skills for the 2019 -2020 season. Check out what is coming up! Our 9th Year Annual Fall Workshops begin Monday August 26th to

Tai Chi portrayed through art

Found this today as I was researching for Tai Chi. Although it is abstract, each picture shows another way that space and time are influenced by the experience of doing Tai Chi. Take a look and imagine what you are releasing or creating as a result of your practice with