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Qi YINtegration Set 2: Understanding the Energy Field

Sunday, November 4   12 – 4 pm Qi YINtegration Set 2   $65   Understanding the Energy Field and how to access the Energy you want!  Utilizing a comprehensive energy assessment, this course explores the concepts of intention, coordination of brain and body, the status of the chakras, auric field, hara line

Qi YINtegration Set 1 – Sunday, October 21

Join us this Sunday to learn the simple techniques that can change the energy and vitality that you experience every day.  Using the program that started it all, Set 1 is very easy to follow and includes 11 videos for home practice.  The class is on Sunday, October 21 from

What Time is it Really? Earth Element and Stomach Meridian!

     Have you ever wondered What Time of Day it is, Really?! Now with a quick glance you can see which Element is at its Peak, and which Meridian is the center of focus. The Time of Day Clock You can find it and other items for the Elements