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May 10th – Dance, It’s a Natural Thing

Just weeks away, Dance Debut’s 31st Annual Recital is in the final stages of preparations.  A show like no other, this links the opportunity of movement for health and wellness with the genres of dance: tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, song and dance.  We look forward to sharing our very special

The Figure Eight Pattern for Dancers

The Figure Eight Pattern for Dancers Enjoy this description of what is involved in our Wishing Jar Dance this season, as well as an understanding of how you can add figure eight patterns to your life for energy and vitality.  Add a little music and a simple exercise and transform

The K.E.Y. Meridian Sweep: All Dressed Up

As part of our dance class this season we have been using more of the meridian sweep as a way to open the meridians and find full muscle strength before dancing.  Enjoy this little memory jogger to go with the moves. The K.E.Y. Meridian Sweep Dressed Up

Color and Dance

Add a little color into your life.  Imagine if it was as simple as just wearing the right color for the day, or choosing a color that would provide you with energy, or if you painted your room a color that was uplifting and energizing.  So much is possible when

Ballet Slippers for Dance Class this season

Dance parents!  We have been gifted a beautiful box of many ballet slippers from Dance Nova Scotia for those dancers who need ballet slippers and cannot find any, or are in need of a new pair.  I have a range of sizes from a children’s 10 to an adult 2.