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Touch for Health Student Hangout

Join Michelle Greenwell as she facilitates the first TFH Student Hangout from Canada. Sharing with her UK counterparts over the last year, she looks forward to enhancing the skills and discussions of Students around the globe on this on-line forum. Wednesday, May 29th 7 – 9 pm Atlantic on Zoom.

International Dance Day

Full dance warmup… International Dance Day – Full Warm up to balance the systems in the body for full coordination, muscle integrity, energy circuits and figure 8 energy flow. Make this your daily regime and you have a recipe for success at the very start!

National Dance Week – Unrolling the Ears

National Dance Week – This little tip will help with opening up the neck, tuning into sound, and assisting with finding the beat of the music. Simple, quick and very effective!

Switches to engage coordination in the body

National Dance Week – Celebrating Switches as a tool to coordinate the flow of movement from side to side, up and down, and front to back. Engages muscles that might not be awake too!