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Sharing a little science about magnetism. Donna Eden has some beautiful videos and exercises for energy and vitality. I found this one today and had to just giggle. It is so easy to create flow in the body and to make a difference in your self-care. See how easily Donna is able to share it!

Qi YINtegration: Multidimensional Movement

Set 10 begins a whole new set of movement options for growing and learning. How we feel and engage in our world depends on how we are moving and providing feedback to our brains through this movement. Using an online forum through zoom, we are exploring the brain-body connection through

Qi YINtegration program

Set 1 Begins this Thursday!!! Join us to learn more about this simple movement approach to wellness. Energy assessment, taking the stairs, sitting, standing and breathing, as well as the Feet First System Foot Rub are all a part of the program. See how your daily activities could be energizing