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David Hickey Crystal Bowl Journey this September!

One of the best experiences has been to host David Hickey for a concert night.  He joined us at Dance Debut in Alberta over a decade ago, and he followed us to Cape Breton in 2011.  It is absolutely delightful to know that he will be covering much of the

Tea with Intention Book Launch

Just over 3  years ago Natascha Polomski and I began playing with one of our passions…tea!  We explored the idea of having tea blends that would support one of the 5 Elements:  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  Using the essences of the Herbs that we had learned about with

Stress Release Made Easy

Stress release Judique Stress Release Made Easy Judique – Judique Community Center Stress Release Made Easy – An Evening of Fun to Share Join us for this information session of what is possible to assist the body, mind and spirit to release the tension held in the body. Receive some

March Newsletter

K E Y Newsletter_March16OL The spring is arriving with some great opportunities! The March newsletter is just the beginning…Qi YIN Set 1, Introduction to Stepdance lessons, Intend2RaeD8 Tea launch in Port Hawkesbury, and more. And, if you haven’t already checked out the updates in the store – we have videos,