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Introduction to Tai Chi Day 18

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 18 – Spiral Action Take 4 – Please go to Qi YINtegrations Facebook page to see Part 1 – 3 we had a technical glitch today – so sorry! Hands Turning, White Stork Spreads Wings, Phoenix opens his wings, Pull the Ox’s tail, Meridian Dance,

Dance, It’s a Natural Thing

Our annual recital, celebrating 31 years, is just 45 days away. Enjoy the upcoming blog posts explaining what you will be experiencing at the show this year!

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 9

Circulation/Sex Meridian: Adductors, Gluteus Medius and Maximus, Piriformis, Meridian Sweep, Figure 8 Patterns, Move Hands Like Clouds

Music of the Plants

At the beginning of our dance season we danced to the music of the plants. Our Halloween celebrations were great fun with the organ setting. We will have the plants singing music to us for the May 10th show….recordings are underway.