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Healer’s Retreat!

If you are a healer who would like to enjoy some special time to learn, grow and heal, then this is a spot that might appeal to you. Enjoy the beauty of Cape Breton and the healing surroundings as we explore 4 days of sessions designed just for you. If

Brush Knees and Ward Off Monkey with Intentions Two of my favorite moves with Intention. Many people set off for an adventure without a road map, compass or a goal in mind. This wandering can be fun for a while and the experience gained can be wonderful. But, at the end of the time on the journey,


I am gifted with incredible friends, family and colleagues who entertain my passion for wellness through movement. Extensive conversations on a snow day have created a wave of new materials to bring bioenergetic wellness tools to life through the concepts from Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, Tai Chi and Dance.

Ward Off Monkeys

I love this move, and it has so much to offer those with a tight back, frozen hips, tightness through the upper leg, and of course stiffness in the spine. Give this a try with the variation of gently massaging the lower back.


Seems like a crazy little title, but one of the most awesome little balancing assignments I have seen and experienced. I wanted to make sure that everyone had access to it. Put this in your toolbox for self-care and enjoy the calming benefits it produces. Sleep challenged…this may be a