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Create calm and flow with this special presentation

The Lumiere Cape Breton 2021 Arts Festival was a wonderful way to explore color, intention and interactive art. Here is a link to the full presentation. You can learn more about color, action, the Choose Love Formula, the 5 Element Wheel from Traditional Chinese Medicine, intention and goal setting, and

Dan Devion shares his talents

Many of you may remember the power of Dan the Music Man within the preschool programs and choreography that Dance Debut has shared over the years. I recorded Stacey on the Keyboard with Dan and had such an incredible experience as a lyricist. He has co-written a special song for

Fall Classes to Consider

There is no better time than now to consider how you can advance your self-care. We have endured a tough couple of years and we have been superstars to make it through it all. Now is the time to boost your immune system, create a wellness plan, learn more about

Lumiere Arts Festival 2021

To register please use the Eventbrite link for this FREE event … Over the last few years through the dance programs we have explored the power of color and intention in our dance lessons. The artwork created by MacKenzie Greenwell and Emily Benjamin at GRNZ studios with their tap

Time for Me Retreat!

Sept 24 – 26 in-person and online. The option is yours. Come and join us for a weekend of me-time, self-discovery, healing, rest and relaxation.We are going to:– explore the tools of BioEnergetic Essentials (BEE) for our wellbeing. (Incl. book)– create our new ME with the power of intention, tea