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Touch for Health Hangouts for August

July has been an awesome month for Hangouts. We explored the 14 Muscle Balance and some of the fantastic ways that it supports the body being in balance and functioning with ease, as well as Visual Inhibition and the role that the eyes can have on muscles and system functioning,

KinesioGeek Magazine

It is always a pleasure to be a contributor to this wonderful and informative magazine! For details on EMF’s and what you can do to balance the body and protect your home and family, check out the great resources. If you are interested in learning more about the QiFi, please

Breathe into the Move

Join us in Belle Cote at the Community Hall on Monday, July 15th for a special day with Steve Barowsky, formerly of Margaree area, and now living in Texas. We will be exploring some deep concepts that make Tai Chi very rich and fulfilling for health and wellness. To explore

A Bridge of Light: Toward Chinese and Western Medicine Perspectives Through Ultraweak Photon Emissions

Abstract The gap between Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (CM) is closely related to the diversity in culture, philosophy, and scientific developments. Although numerous studies have evaluated the efficacy of acupuncture, the gap in explanatory disease models has not been bridged so far. Developments in research of ultraweak photon

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