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World Spine Day and Tai Chi Wellness

World Spine Day Today we will explore the first 17 moves in relation to the spine and the role that it plays. Celebrating #worldspineday we are able to realize the potential movement that can happen as we explore the moves and realize where tension is held. Try some of the movement patterns

ExtravaDansa: Lesson 6 – Hand Jive Part 2

Together we can explore more ways to build patterns and play with counting, hand clapping, and organizing patterns. Several clips are shared to explore the Cup Song and the patterns of hands and tap dance steps that can go with this music and choreography. Notes from www.dancedebut.com related to the

Tai Chi 17 – Smoothing the moves

Bringing flow and vitality to the body, this week we will be exploring a smoothness to the movement of the first 17 moves from Tai Chi. We will also play with the seated form. The more you have awareness of how things feel or where they go to, the easier

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